AutoCAD Training

Our Milwaukee office provides custom AutoCAD training for engineering, architectural or general drafting needs.  Training can be provided on a one-on-one basis or in classes with multiple students.    We can provide the training via Internet screen sharing, at your office or in a classroom setting offsite.  In each session is tailored exclusively for your firm’s or your needs.

There is no need to pay for an expensive, time-consuming AutoCAD training class.  Most technical schools or CAD reseller training programs have a set agenda for their classes. They use a “one size fits all” approach.  We think the best way to provide training is to fully understand the needs of each student participating.  Then we create a training lesson that is more beneficial, efficient and cost-effective.  Our approach is more task-based and results oriented than many of the more expensive, regimented technical school type classes.

In many cases, the best way is to dive right in and start creating the drawings that need to be worked on.  This way the trainee can focus on the just the commands that are need to create the specific type of drawing they are creating.  Along the way, we will also cover many of the tips and shortcuts we have discovered during nearly 30 years of using AutoCAD.

Without proper training the thousands of dollars spent on AutoCAD can be money wasted.  Whether upgrading to a new version of AutoCAD, making sure the basics are covered, or learning advanced functionality, AutoCAD training is an important part of the CAD investment.  Please contact us to discuss the specific training that can get you and your company on the road to CAD productivity.


Examples of CAD Training

Some of our training experience includes the following training situations:

  • drafters completely new to AutoCAD
  • college students preparing for job interviews
  • professional AutoCAD users needing to upgrade to a new release
  • entire CAD drafting departments
  • managers who need to know the basics for using AutoCAD files