AutoCAD Consulting

Computersmith, L.L.C. has been using AutoCAD since 1989 in production drafting environments.  We have an experienced corporate CAD manager on staff who has developed, supported and maintained various corporate CAD systems for both A/E/C and manufacturing clients. We can help increase the productivity and accuracy of your CAD staff.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help with your CAD productivity and standardization through our expert AutoCAD consulting services.

AutoCAD Training

Without proper training the thousands of dollars spent on AutoCAD can be money wasted.  Whether upgrading to a new version of AutoCAD or making sure the basics are covered AutoCAD training is an important part of the CAD investment.  We offer both on-site one-on-one or group training.  We will design custom courses so that training only covers the topics you wish explained.  This sets us apart from the technical schools or large CAD reseller training programs.  Their programs generally “force-feed” the students resulting in an inefficient waste of your time and money. Give us a call today to discuss the specific AutoCAD training that will get you and your company on the road to CAD productivity!  Please see our AutoCAD Training page for more information.

AutoCAD Support

We can assist via e-mail, instant remote support or phone with your AutoCAD questions and support issues.  We support not only the latest AutoCAD versions but also older version that are no longer supported by resellers or Autodesk.  So please contact us today to discuss your AutoCAD support needs.

AutoCAD Installation & Configuration

Let Computersmith, L.L.C. perform the installation and configuration of your new AutoCAD software.  We can get the software up and running quickly and help you get started with drawing creation.

AutoCAD Upgrades &  Implementation

More than just performing software installation, AutoCAD implementation involves helping our clients effectively upgrade to a new version of AutoCAD or streamline an existing system.  Moving to a new version of AutoCAD involves more than running the software setup.  Many times other hardware and software components of your CAD system will need to be upgraded.  Computersmith has the experience to perform both the required software and hardware upgrades or a new CAD workstation PC.

CAD Standards Development

Perhaps second only to training, developing CAD Standards for your company is the quickest way to increase overall CAD productivity.  Development of standard pen settings, layers, text settings, dimensioning are critical for successful drawing creation in a multi-user environment.  Standard block or drawing libraries is also necessary for assuring a uniform design presentation on your drawings.  Of course, any set of CAD standards is only as good as its documentation and ease-of-use.  We can automate the use of CAD standards as well as provide a CAD standards manual for your company.